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Red Shagreen Leather Pearl Earring

  • $179.00

Introducing our Red Large Shagreen Statement Earring – a bold and luxurious accessory that effortlessly combines the exotic texture of shagreen with the timeless elegance of pearls, the brilliance of crystals, and the sophistication of sterling silver. These earrings are designed to make a striking fashion statement that commands attention.

Surrounding the shagreen centerpiece are shimmering crystals, carefully set along the edges. These crystals catch the light with captivating brilliance, creating a mesmerizing play of sparkle that adds a layer of glamour and opulence to your look.

At the heart of each earring lies a lustrous pearl, serving as a classic and elegant focal point. The pearl exudes a sense of purity and grace, complementing the boldness of the shagreen and the sparkle of the crystals beautifully.